Pure Crystal - Circulating water fountain | FAQ


How much is the electricity bill?
Pure Crystal runs on 2 - 5 wattage so power consumption is very low and effective.
When should the filter media be replaced ?
Replace the filter media every 3-4 weeks to maintain clean and healthy water.
Would the pet be electrocuted ?
Designed to run on low voltage as 12V so safe to use.
Is it difficult to clean the unit?
Parts can be easily taken off from the unit so cleaning is simple and easy.
Will the pet get used to the fountain immediately ?
The cat or dog might be cautious at first since it is something new to them, but they eventually get used to it.
When should the water be added ?
Add water when the water level is lower than the MIN line.
To know how much water your pet takes daily will be helpful information to monitor your pet's health.
How often should the unit be cleaned?
To keep water clean and hygine, we recommend for the unit to be cleaned at least once every week. In hot climates (summer), it is best to clean once every two or three days.
What should be done if the pet won't drink from the fountain?
Place and use the water bottle or water dish which the pet is used to nearby Pure Crsytal. They should become familiar with the fountain this way. Be sure that your pet does not dehydrate.